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  • Business 10MBps

    KSh15,000 for now and KSh7,500 for each 1 month
    • Reliable connection for small businesses.
    • Support essential operations like email, web browsing, and cloud services.
    • Ensure smooth video conferencing and online transactions.
  • Business 15MBps

    KSh24,000 for now and KSh12,000 for each 1 month
    • Enhanced speed for growing businesses.
    • Handle higher data loads with ease, supporting more users and devices.
    • Perfect for businesses needing consistent, faster internet for daily operations.
  • Business 20MBps

    KSh30,000 for now and KSh15,000 for each 1 month
    • Superior performance for high-demand operations.
    • Efficiently manage large file transfers, high-definition video streaming, and complex online tools.
    • Suitable for medium-sized businesses with heavy internet usage.
  • Home 10MBps

    KSh9,000 for now and KSh4,500 for each 1 month
    • Ideal for moderate usage with faster speeds.
    • Stream HD videos, participate in video calls, and download files quickly.
    • Suitable for small families or individuals needing more bandwidth.
  • Home 15MBps

    KSh15,000 for now and KSh7,500 for each 1 month
    • Great for heavy streaming and multiple devices.
    • Seamlessly stream 4K videos, play online games, and handle multiple users simultaneously.
    • Best for tech-savvy households with high data demands.
  • Home 20MBps

    KSh18,000 for now and KSh9,000 for each 1 month
    • Ultimate home internet experience for seamless connectivity.
    • Enjoy lag-free online gaming, ultra-fast downloads, and smart home device integration.
    • Ideal for large families or home-based businesses.
  • Home 5MBps

    KSh5,000 for now and KSh2,500 for each 1 month
    • Perfect for basic browsing and light streaming.
    • Ideal for single users or small households.
    • Enjoy smooth social media, email, and online shopping experiences.